Make a call about the MORE act

Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement HR 3884.

The MORE Act would remove cannabis from the federal controlled substances act freeing states to set their own cannabis policies. It also provides for reinvesting in communities hit by the War on Weed as well as for automatic expungements.

NORML’s lobbyist Justin Strekel is making the rounds at the Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Doyle is the lone PA House member on the Committee and he asked us to help contact Doyle.

PLEASE everyone – make the call Monday.

Pennsylvania SB350 call to action make the call.

Big news! Senate Bill 350, a bill to legalize cannabis and create a regulatory market for its retail sale, was introduced yesterday by State Senators Sharif Street and Daylin Leach. The bill is being referred to as “the gold standard” of cannabis legalization due to its thoughtful approach to a litany of issues, including social equity, micro- and small business growth, and the ability for people to grow cannabis in the privacy of their own homes.
Pennsylvania could be next in line to legalize cannabis, and if this bill passes, the Keystone State would be a shining example to other states working out legalization bills of their own. But we can’t get this monumental bill passed alone.
The support of people like you is what makes change happen, so click here to send an urgent message of support to your state lawmakers.

Let’s get it done,

The NORML Team

Pennsylvania SB350 comprehensive marijuana reform.

Yesterday Senator Daylin Leach and Senator Sharif Street introduced SB350

– a comprehensive adult use reform bill that would allow home grows, tiered “micro licenses” allowing small business to compete, automatic expungement of possessory offenses and assistance to communities disproportionately affected by the War on Weed.

We are proud to endorse this legislation.

But SB350 is just the beginning of a long struggle to win over Pennsylvania’s Republicans who control the House and Senate. Without GOP support this legislation will not advance.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Call your PA State Senator and urge them to co-sponsor SB350. Simple as that – one phone call